Does Fear of Failure and Criticism keep you still in your tracks, causing you to fear the climb that lies before you?
Are you being directed by all the internal and external voices that keep you still in your tracks
as you see your goal atop the mountain?

It's time to build mental muscle by putting a little focus on your mindset to not only set a goal for your desired destination...
You will also learn a few easy and simple tricks to shift your thinking from that of struggle and stuck... to a state of success and purpose in the directions of your travels.
Justin Glover
Co-Founder of
Creator of multiple 7 figure online businesses
"It's one of the coolest delivered products....ever!
The concept of climbing a mountain and having that experience be integrated into the product is's an experiential type of learning!
I highly recommend that you pick it up!"
Eddie Aguilar
Jason 'J-Boom' Legaard
Creators of 'Climbing The Mindset Mountain'
Co-Hosts of 'The Mindset Mountain Podcast'
We are blessed to bring to you a video training course with 'no whiteboards' and 'no slideshow'! Yes, we agree having steps, goals, and a process are very important as you begin your new trek, but what do you do when those voices around you and within, begin creeping in your heart and mind to stop you from your next accomplishment?
In this training, you will learn how climbing a mountain can relate to your next venture, whether it be in losing weight, becoming an entrepreneur or beginning new business and personal relationships.
This simple video training is being brought to you to fast-track you from a state of struggle, frustration, and gaining confidence to conquer your next climb. 

And below, we share about the two free bonuses you'll receive with your video training!
About "Climbing The Mindset Mountain" Video Course
And two amazing bonuses:
'BOOM....Don't Bust'--How to Inspire the Fire When Passion Runs Out
'The Fire Triangle'--How to Use Fuel, Heat, and Oxygen to Intensify Your Fire
Frustrated. Hopeless. Tired. Fearful. Stuck. Guilt-Ridden.
These are all words that we experience from time to time. 'What If' there were simple, but yet productive ways to bypass or fast-track yourself through these unwanted emotions?
Watch this video!
The mission is the same in all aspects, isn't it?
We all have a goal to reach the peaks of our destinations! 
Whether it be our relationships, spirituality, or purpose of our everyday life.
 Have you found yourself 'content' with your life or still standing at the base of the mountain?

We know what it takes to get to the top of our destinations... right?

We know
we want more out of life, but what happens when we continue to tell ourselves
"I'll get to it month"?

One turns into two... two into three... then we find ourselves distant from something we once
 'oh-so desired'!
It's Time For A Change!
What if your mom just received your foreclosure notice on your home
while you were hosting a get-together?

Or how about being a stay at home mother of three while your husband is always gone while doing his best to support the family?

Or how about having to move back with your parents,
adding stresses
to those who've raised you?

Ray Higdon
Brenda Gagne
Justin Glover
Diane Hochman
Jess Simonson
Adam Holland
VaNessa Duplessie
Well, all of these individuals above have something in common with you!

They too have dealt with their personal, emotional, and financial struggles.

 They too had almost given up on their dreams, and in some cases almost gave up on life.
These individuals have reached personal successes despite their struggles.

Whether it be helping individuals grow their business or to aid in creating a life others are meant to live, their simple but yet powerful mindset quotes in this training influence us to never give in and offer ourselves an alternative of existing...

To Living!
Can't Get A Grasp On Your Life?
Are you frustrated when......

*When you lack energy and your clothes fit tight as you uncomfortably look in the mirror?

your friends and family don't believe in your dreams, desires, and vision?

you feel 'overwhelm' throughout your day and 'that which is important to you' begins to fade, which in turn causes more frustration and stress?

And on and on it goes......

Well, You know that will change.....right? will get started on your workouts. will change your diet. will get your book written. will pray and read more. will travel more.


But not to worry, right?

You have all the time in the world.....correct?

Unfortunately, as you may have found out......the answer is "NO"!!

Eventually, time becomes scarce.

That idea you had in your mind has been set aside for many reasons, even though it's that idea or dream which has kept you up at night.

Then time becomes a factor, once again setting our dreams aside, due to that funny thing called Life.
You study and read on 'how to' achieve the results you're looking for. You watch videos and webinars which focus on your dreams and passions. You talk to the proper leaders or those who've achieved the results you're looking for.....but yet, through all that you've gathered and learned, and planning and strategies you've set up, you still have yet to act. Or even worse, you took a step in the proper direction and didn't achieve the end result or goal you were aiming for, so you go back to information overload.
Why aren't the stars aligning?
If this sounds like you, it time to transition your 'somedays' 'todays'!!!

Searching For Something Greater?

Well, Jason and Eddie know exactly where you are if the above describes some of your present days. They too, had struggled. They too, loaded up on information and the goods to 'blast off' from where they stood.....but yet, proper action was not in the picture. They too feared criticism and failure, which kept them still in their tracks.
Now that has been eliminated in releasing their own product, they want to share with you ways to overcome your struggles which may help you in your health, relationships, time and personal freedoms which have kept you up at night. There are many aspects in life which their lessons can be applied in one way or another to benefit your life and those around you.
Maybe you'd like to travel more or begin vacationing, but feel you aren't deserving.
Maybe you feel you don't deserve to have that special relationship or friendships you see on the big screens.
Maybe you feel you're meant to be an employee at a job you truly dislike, and pursuing your dream of owning your own business is just a thought which causes you to always push aside, saying the words....."Yeah, sounds great, but......"
Maybe you're taking continuous action...busy work...but it's not directed towards your goals and desires. But you justify your failure to reach the top by feeling it's not meant to be.....Well, maybe you're heading East, looking for that magical sunset.
Strategy and planning are important.
Tactics and knowledge are valuable assets to have.
But answer this question:
Would you rather step up to the plate with a beautiful swing and great form, but having the mindset of 'hoping' to hit the ball?

Or become the batter whose swing may not be pretty, but you know deep down, each time you step up to the plate...You will 'smash' the ball!
Life throws us a great deal of curve balls, but it is how you react towards them which will separate you from others and your current self.
"Climbing The Mindset Mountain" will aid you in changing your thinking on how to react to life's circumstances.
"Mindset Mountain" will get you past the 'honeymoon' stages of your travels to that peak which fewer of us stand in accomplishment.
And the bonuses.......
Boom Don't Bust--How to Inspire the Fire When Passion Runs Out--
This is an audio lesson which reminds you that you are not alone in your journey of content and struggle.

But what if there was a way to tap into your child-like self to bring about the innocence of that child that dreamed with no limitations?

At times our flame will flicker away, leaving a residue of a dream or vision that once was... and Jason's audio will inspire you to not only take action, but to reignite that flame of 'anything is possible' back into your world!

Well, It's time to INSPIRE THAT FIRE!!
The Fire Triangle--, shares with you how the 'fire triangle' can be implemented in your life to keep your 'fire burning'. 
Learn the importance of how heat, oxygen, and fuel will serve you in fueling your fire and intensifying the flames for a greater purpose. This bonus will cause you dive into yourself to answer some questions to bring about some clarity on the importance of your circle of influence, your why, and what action steps are being taken to fuel your fire.
You Are Worth The Investment!
An Honest Question: If you continue doing what you're doing, will your situation in life improve the way you'd like it to in the next month.....six months....year?? 
If yes, then Jason and Eddie fully support you and want you to keep 'rocking it out'!!
But if you truly feel your progress might be minimal......then invest in yourself the time, energy, and money!
So before you think about turning away from this page, these two guys want to leave you with something they learned from a friend and mentor of theirs......
"A bottle of water does not have a set value upon it.....that bottle of water will hold the value placed upon it by who is about to consume it"~~Kimball Roundy
Click below to begin your climb....and allow the lessons learned by Jason and Eddie guide you towards the peaks which stand before the numbers resting atop are fewer than the numbers who began in a similar journey.
You Are Worth Investing In.....We All Are!
Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

"Mindset is 99% of the game and Jason and Eddie do a great job delivering value full of analogies that bridge the gap. Full of humor and every emotion on the spectrum, the hike up Mindset Mountain serves to show us how we can react to adversity instead of quitting. The bonuses alone are worth the price of admission."
Katie Vega
Marketing/Branding Consultant, eBook Author, and
Founder @
Katie Vega
" Jason and Eddie break down the step-by-step process of climbing the mindset mountain. It inspired me to go out and climb my own mindset mountain (here in Australia).
Online marketing and life in general is like climbing a mountain. Every step I took I looked at, 'well, I just conquered email marketing.....copy-writing.....and conquering videos'.
I wouldn't have done this if it weren't for Eddie and Jason breaking down the steps to climb the mindset mountain. I'd really like to recommend their product."
Merna Dwyer
Owner of
Eddie and Jason bring you on an adventure that 'opens your mind' in a whole new way! 
I love following these guys, they have been where I am seeking to go and they demonstrate leadership
unlike any I've seen before. 
Worth way more than paid....And the value you get from the bonuses you receive is absolutely priceless!
Kimberly Adu Boaheng
FB--Lifestyle With Kimberly
I love the comparison of climbing a mountain to basically any goal that you want to achieve in life.
Eddie and Jason outline simple steps you can take to conquer your own personal 'mindset mountain', while you enjoy some beautiful scenery and laughs along the way.
I received tons of value from the video training......
and the bonuses were the icing on the cake!

Jodi Carlson 
FB--Coach Jodi
It Is YOUR Time To Climb!
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Bonus #1: The Fire Triangle Ebook by Edward Aguilar
Learn to harness the Fire Triangle and establish a
fiery foundation in your mindset.
Bonus #2: Boom Don't Bust: How To Inspire The Fire When Passion Runs Out by Jason "J-Boom" Legaard
Master these fast action mindset shifts in order to
reclaim your inner fire and purpose.
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